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Urban Remediation

Urban Remediation - Specialists in Land Remediation and Value-Adding Solutions

As a sister company within the Valencia Waste Management Limited group, Urban Remediation is a specialist in land remediation, dedicated to bringing value to land where others can't. Our focus lies in revitalising and transforming brownfield sites into productive and sustainable spaces. With our expert team and innovative techniques, we tackle complex remediation challenges to breathe new life into disused plots.

Key Features:

  • Land remediation specialists

  • Expertise in transforming brownfield sites

  • Value-adding approach to land redevelopment

  • Innovative techniques for sustainable solutions

  • Dedicated to revitalising communities and landscapes

At Urban Remediation, we are committed to creating a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Our primary focus is on land remediation projects that contribute to the future benefit of residents and occupants.

For more information about Urban Remediation and our expertise in land remediation and value-adding solutions, please visit our website

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