Welcome to Valencia Waste Management Limited, we are a leading provider in waste management services and are the largest privately owned landfill business in the UK.

Waste disposal in landfill remains and important part of the waste hierarchy and we pride ourselves in our impeccable safety and compliance standards in delivering this critical infrastructure.

We are also proud to play our part in restoring sites and improving the environment and biodiversity.

Our Operations
Valencia operates a diverse portfolio of sites. Currently, we have 7 active landfills, along with 36 sites that are either closed, mothballed, or undergoing restoration. Our extensive geographical spread positions us as a key strategic business partner to some of the largest waste producers in the UK.

Excellence in Service
Our landfills are managed by a highly skilled and experienced team, delivered with precision, ensuring optimal use of space, safeguarding the environment, and delivering value to our customers and communities.

Our Commitment to Restoration and Aftercare
Our commitment does not cease at waste management. A significant part of our operations is dedicated to the restoration and aftercare of sites that have reached their capacity. Through meticulously planned restoration projects, we are able to reintegrate these sites into the environment, often transforming them into natural habitats, parks, or community spaces.


These values help us lay the foundations that enables the business and individuals to reach our common goals. We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for the growth of all aspects of the business and the people within it

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ESG and Aftercare

At Valencia Waste Management Limited, we are committed to our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. As one of the UK’s leading landfill operators our ESG principles are at the foundation of everything we do.

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